Palimpsest Collage Competition
“...Cut through a park, and you go from English to Spanish, black to white, Puerto Rican to Polish. Cross a few streets, and you go from historic homes and manicured lawns to abandoned buildings and dark street corners,”  
Michelle Obama
The #PalimpsestCollage Competition allows participants of the AIAS FORUM to explore the definition of palimpsest and what it means to them. Participants could construct a palimpsest that pays homage to home, illustrate a vision of the past and future, or provide a deeper look at the relationships between the built environment and current events. 

The images provided are architectural fragments and textures found in Chicago that you can use in your own artistic expression of the word “palimpsest”.
From the source images, select at least four to create a collage (digital or physical) in a final size of 1080x1080 pixels that layers Chicago with your home, wherever that may be. Two additional images that are not provided may also be used. Remember, the Chicago images have to be the star of the collage with personal images, if used, as secondary sources. In about 50 words, provide an explanation for your collage. 

Submissions will be due on Friday December 18th and a few selected collages will be critiqued live by a panel of judges on Wednesday January 6, 2021 during the FORUM After Dark Event.

Submission Details:
Submit your collages on Instagram and make sure to use #PalimpsestCollage and #AIASForum2020 and tag @aias_forum you must also submit a pdf below. 

Be one of the first 30 to Submit and receive a free MasterClass 1-Year Subscription!

Happy collaging!
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